My View from the Goat Pen

  Time is a funny thing. It can go too slow, like on a Friday at 3:30 when you get off work at 4, or if you are in the middle of the most boring lecture in the world,. It can go too fast for example if you have a million things to do and you just can’t get them done, or If you have a blog post to write this week and oh my goodness look at that it’s Saturday!!!  

There are a couple of certainties about time however, there is never enough of it. And time is fickle. It doesn’t care if you need more, another minute, another hour another lifetime when it’s done it’s done and there is nothing you can do about it.  

We have both ends of the spectrum here at GRAS acres. My youngest grandson just turned one this month and my mother who will turn 90 this week. I can not wait for him to call me nana and watch him run around the farm with his brother and sister and all of his cousins . For my momma I need time to slow down so that I can spend more of it with her just talking and being with one of the most important people in my life.    

We are given no guarantees, no promises are made. We all have a certain amount of time here on this planet and because we don’t have a countdown clock above our heads we just assume that it is a large number.

 YOLO, how about NOLO, we don’t only live once we only die once. Every day we get another 24 hours to make the most of. Time is how you spend it, make it worthwhile. Like the work that you do, love those around you while you have them and live everyday to it’s fullest!   

Have a blessed week


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