My View from the Goat Pen

  Today would have been my daddy’s birthday, he’s been gone 13 years now and I still ask him questions out here at the goat pen.

 I think that we all have someone like that, a parent, a teacher someone who was a mentor. Someone who shaped our lives and helped us to become the person that we are today.  

My daddy was my compass.  He quit school at 17 to join the Navy during WWII, when he came home he went to work saved money and started his own business just he and my momma.  When he finally sold the business and retired here to the farm in 1982 he had been a successful business man as well as a successful family man.  I think that is something that we forget in today's busy world.  This man who worked from before the sun came up to long after it had gone down came home and worked just as hard at being a daddy.  He taught me the value of hard work and doing what you believe in but he also taught me how to love and be a good parent.  He showed me that having nice things is possible if you are willing to make the effort but that it wasn’t as important as being surrounded by those you love.  What we have doesn’t define who we are, who we have does. 

 At his funeral I remember a lot of what people said to me.  My cousins talked about how much fun they had growing up with my dad around, the things they did with him and how great he was.  People who knew him talked about what a great guy he was and that he would never hesitate to lend a helping hand.  Now I know it was his funeral and nobody is going to say he was a right jackass, but no one mentioned how successful in business he was just how he was successful in life. 

 I guess at the end of the day, when it is time for us to move on to our next great adventure, that is what is important.  Not what we were, but who we were.  That no matter how busy we were, most of the time, that we took the time to laugh and love, to just be with the people who are the most important to us.  That  we took the time to be someone’s compass    

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