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Beard oil and Beard Balm differ because beard oil will hydrate not only your beard, but the skin under it as well.  Regular use will insure that your beard is always moisturized and less irritated and itchy.

GRAS natural beard oil uses a combination of natural oils perfect for beard growth and health.

Mountain Man adds Cinnamon, Orange and Cedar Essential oils for a scent that is straight out of the mountains for a manly clean scent with just a hint of spice.

Available in a 2 oz, 1 oz or .5 oz dropper bottle.



Sweet almond oil is great for your skin and you're hair. Using almond oil to nourish your beard can help beard growth, make your beard shiny and thick. It also moisturizes your skin and removes dead skin.   Jojoba (HOHOBA, think Santa) oil is also a natural moisturizer it also is an antibactierial, antioxidant that keeps the skin and hair folicles from infections. The anti-imflammatory properties in Jojoba oil can soothe inflamed hair follicles that are a major cause of thinner and weaker hair growth.  Castor oil helps to thicken your beard and accelerate the growth while stopping it from looking dry and rough.  Finally the Amla oil also increases beard growth and prevents dandruff.


Cinnamon is thought to also aid in hair growth, Cedar essential oil is beneficial in the treatment of acne and dandruff, and orange is great for nourishing dry irritated acne prone skin.

Mountain Man Beard Oil


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