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Beard balm your beard will be more conditioned, moisturized and softer.  Easier to style with added volume.

GRAS natural Beard Balm has a thick consistency made from a combination of natural oils butters and essential oils to make your beard soft and manageable.

Whiskey Whiskers adds just a touch of sandalwood essential oil and some honest to goodness Whiskey to give your beard that extra oomph you'll love!

Available in a 2 oz or .5 oz  tin.



GRAS natural beard balm is made from Shea butter, Beeswax,  with Coconut, Amla and Sweet almond oils.   Its Thick consistency is courtesy of the butter and beeswax giving it the perfect texture to tame even the wildest beard while moisturizing it.  The coconut oil  is found in several beard oils, because of its health benefits and scent, keeping the beard moisturized and smooth.  Amla oil  has been used for generations as a beard growth oil.   It helps prevent  dandruff and it reduces hair loss. It is a natural source of Vitamin C and gives your hair a healthy shine. Amla oil benefits your beard by nourishing it from within and making it easier for you to manage everyday as well.


Whiskey Whiskers also adds Sandalwood essential oil for a clean manly fragrance as well as Whiskey cause...why not!?

Whiskey Whiskers Beard Balm


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